Han Dynasty Restaurant Review

If you have never had authentic Asian food, you MUST try it. The flavors are intense and delicious. If you don’t like spicy food…. make sure to tell your server. Most food is quite spicy! I have been to a couple of places in Chinatown, but heard a lot about Han Dynasty in Old City. When Han opened a second location in University City, I went and got hooked! The food is authentic and delicious. I went for Chinese New Year this past month, and had some of my favorite all time Chinese dishes.

My all time favorites from Han (so far!) are Dan Dan Noodles (at spice level 6), Scallion Pancakes, and Fried Dumplings.

Dan Dan Noodles – probably my favorite Chinese dish of all time. Full of flavor and spice!

photo 2

Mung Bean Noodles in Black Bean Sauce: a rice like noodle with a delicious, cold black bean sauce on top. It wasn’t my favorite dish, but it was fun to try.

photo 4

Potentially the most delicious basic dumplings. Instead of a wonton wrapper, it is more of a thicker, dough based covering. The inside is a traditional meat filling, but is not greasy like other fried dumplings I have had.

photo 5


Other dishes I have tried and enjoyed is Fish, Dry Pot Style. Although flavorful, we got it at spice level 10, and that was too spicy for me. I had the Chicken, Double Cooked Style for the Chinese New Year Celebration, which was a very good balance of spice and flavor!

The Dry Pot Style cooks the meat in a hot bowl with a sauce. It comes out looking almost soupy, and you scoop out the meat. The fish is cooked perfectly using this method. The Double Cooked Style is more like a traditional American Chinese dish. The chicken version is somewhat like chicken and broccoli, but with more veggies and a much more developed, delicious sauce!

If you live in Philadelphia, you have to try this place!


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