Frozen Hot Chocolate

I LOVE FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. Why? I have no idea. But I seriously love this stuff.

The real stuff:

Serendipity in New York. I’ve only been to Serendipity 3, but it’s adorable. Didn’t try the food – just inhaled one of these. Why there are two straws is beyond me. I drank it like it was water! The tastiest water ever, that is.


You can also order Serendipity’s mix from Williams-Sonoma. They have a couple of options, but the one in the blue tin is closest to the original! Normally, we always have this on hand, but WS was out of stock so Kendra got creative and made our own! It is a little different (less rich) than the original, but still delicious!


Oh, and did I mention it is super easy? Put some chopped chocolate (or chocolate chips), hot cocoa mix, milk and ice in a blender. Vuuuuuuuala.


Oh. And top with chocolate shavings.


My beautiful baby who always drinks from a straw… and the marathon man who seemingly only eats cheese, crackers and fruit 🙂



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