Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Today I went Christmas crazy. I wrapped all my presents, we put all of the ornaments on our tree, baked sugar cookies galore and faced the crowds for some last minute shopping. Oh, and I bounced back in forth between listening to Taylor Swift and Amy Grant’s Holiday Albums all day. Don’t judge me.


The day started out with a monster workout at the Hive with my dad. We went to a spin class, running, and then an hour and a half of yoga. My abs are so sore it hurts to laugh. Not good timing. Naturally, I needed to negate all of my working out, so I made dozens upon dozens of Christmas cookies. And inhaled them in record timing.Image


That’s my mama She decorated all of the cookies because she’s the maaaaster. She posts pictures of all of her delicious cookies at They’re b-e-a-utiful.

After a letal combination of hours of Meet the Press, Modern Family and a bottle of wine, we decided to decorate the tree! We all have our own ornaments and claim rights to hanging them. We have issues. I know.




Merry Christmas Eve!


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