Food Tour of London

Some of the highlights of the food we ate while in London!

First off – Byron’s Proper Burgers. Everything said Byron – so I was dying of happiness! Papa got a Byron Pale Ale which had a super cool label! I had the grilled chicken sandwich and Kendra and I split the MASSIVE oreo ice cream sundae 🙂

Next up is Cantina’s Mexican Restaurant in Covent Garden. Mama got her mojito on, and we had delicious guacamole, ceviche, fajitos, and fish tacos. It was gourmet mexican for sure!

Covent Garden became our favorite place to eat… so next up was Jamie Oliver’s Italian. It was one of my favorite all around meals while we were abroad. Everything. Was. Delicious.

Below are roasted pepperdew peppers with a balsamic glaze stuffed with a mushroom filling, brushetta with roasted red peppers and fresh ricotta, wild truffle risotto, and loooots of wine. Papa has us dying of laughter by the end of dinner!

Aaaaannd next is Dishoom… a modern Indian restaurant (served tapas style!) that was right down the street from Jamie Oliver’s Italian. The food was hit or miss- the samosas weren’t anything special, but some of the dishes were to die for. My mom chose all the good ones but I got my favorite beer from the vacation (Alhambra)!

Rule’s is the oldest restaurant in London – and also had some of the oldest people I have seen in London (hehe, only kidding… but really, we were the youngest people in the whole restaurant)! Kendra got fish and chips, and it was the BEST fish and chips I have every had. (And it better be, it was thirty bucks!) Papa and I split the Olympic dessert and Kendra and mom split a chocolate torte…. they won, it was to die for!

After we got hooked on Jamie Oliver’s Italian, we ventured to Union Jack’s (Jamie Oliver’s pizza place). We got two pizzas (a margarita and a braised rabbit) and the best ice cream I’ve ever had! All I have to say is STICKY. TOFFEE. PUDDING.

Can you tell I love food? I blame it on genetics 🙂


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