Last Trip to Olympic Park

Today was a very sad day. It was our last day that we had tickets to Olympic Park 😦

Luckily, we have had such a jam packed schedule, I was excited to start parting from the craziness. We started our day off with a morning run, then after some breakfast, we walked around St. Paul’s Church (amazingly beautiful, but swarmed with people) and then we walked over Millennium Bridge (the only walking bridge in London) which leads you right to Tate Modern.

(That awkward raptor looking thing on the right is Millennium Bridge, with St. Paul in the background!)

We spent about two hours walking around Tate – although I can’t recommend it as highly as I did after my last visit. Because it is a modern art museum, a lot of their pieces are not permanent, and I liked the galleries they had in 2008 opposed to the ones they had today. Even still – the museum sits in a beautifully restored building, and has an incredible spread of art, ranging from live art demonstrations (seen in the photo above) to permanent pieces from Picasso and Matisse.

The timeline of art in the museum along one of the corridors… Hello beautiful information design!

After we finished up at Tate, we walked over to The Refinery for lunch. I had to hold myself back from taking photos of EVERYTHING in the restaurant – from the drinks that were served in cute little mason jars to the french fries served in a small potted plant container, I was in presentation heaven! My food wasn’t great, but the menu has a wide variety and my mom and dad’s dishes were incredibly delicious and inventive!

After finishing up at The Refinery, we made our way to Olympic Park for the last time.

My parents were going to the Aquatics Centre for the first time, and Kendra and I were just praying for better seats than our swimming ones. The venue itself is an architectural feat, and is really neat to look at from the outside, but makes for horrible viewing from the upper section. Luckily, we had amazing seats! We watched the second round of synchronized swimming – the top 25 duets, which was absolutely beautiful. The sport is tough, and none of the teams had major point deductions!

Each duet was  introduced and had a set amount of time to do as they pleased on the starting area, some teams did full dances, and some just held a position for a while. Either way – they were all stunning!

Our time at Olympic Park was incredible, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for the opportunity to see so much talent in so many fields of sport.  Going to the Olympics is truly a once in a lifetime experience!


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