Leeds Castle

We had the amazing opportunity to tour Leeds Castle in Kent, England today. It has an amazing history, and was most recently bought by Lady Baille, daughter of an American heiress associated with Standard Oil Company. She bought the palace in 1926 and it was her country house (weekend house) until she passed away in the 1970s. The palace has transformed since it was the residence of Kind Edward in the 1200s, but still sits on the same 5000 acre land plot.


When you first walk onto the property, there is about a twenty minute walk that looks like this until you get onto the actual place grounds.



First view of the Castle!



“Door knocker” for the entrance to the castle






About 1/5th of the original wine cellar, she was known as one of the best entertainers of her day!


Original bathroom set-up from the early 1900s (there was a huge fireplace on the other side of the room!)


The whole castle is decorated with tapestries and paintings ranging from the 1500s to the mid 1900s


One of the best personal library collections, all from Lady Baille’s parents. There is an incredible spread of books, the whole room was filled wall to wall (and this room was used for burn victims during WWI).




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