Black Country

The Black Country is an area near Birmingham, UK that was a huge coal mining area from the 18050s until the mid 1900s. Today, they have the Black Country Living Museum that is an entire village that is recreated to represent whatsit was like during the coal mining days. They have everything from restaurants with food from that time (mom tried faggots which is pork liver and heart ground together to look like a meatball!) to realistic coal mining tours!

I love the faded paint on the brick!

Our boat

Hard hats required!

About to go inside the Dudley Tunnel!

What the interior structure of a modern tunnel looks like – after this they cover it to make it look smooth, but they left it as is to show us!

Limestone buildup in the older tunnels

Inside the tunnel, old one is on the left and the new one is on the right!

Menu in the town – all made with local produce, I love it! I had a jacket potato with chili; which is a baked potato with chili and cheese, best chili I’ve ever had, except for Byron’s- his is the best!

Faggots and peas – an old English tradional meal, Mom ordered it, not me! (But I did have a taste, not my favorite!)

Papa in front of the old motorcycle shop. I think he was in heaven!

There were houses to tour that had most of it’s original furniture, etc. I loved this old shopping list!

About to go underground to tour the old coal mining site!


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