London Sans Sleep

We just got back suuuuper late from the Aquatics Centre (eeek! more to come tomorrow) but here is a quick overview of our sleepless first day in London.


Dad “belly dancing” at a Moroccan restaurant in Covent Garden!


The best idea the Olympics Planning Committee had. Unlimited Tube passes the day you got tickets. Makes travel super easy! Thanks goodness, I have a horrible track record of going the wrong way on subways!


BMWs EVERYWHERE!! This was at the start of the 2500 KM Men’s Cycling Road Race!


Changing of the guard down the Mall (at our cycling seats)!


Cappuccino (with brown sugar?!) + picnic in St. James Park with Papa!


Kendra’s tiramisu gelato! It was to die for!


There is a restaurant named Byron. I DIED OF HAPPINESS and scurried around taking photos at every angle of course! We are going to try it sometime this week 🙂

More about the cycling race, indoor volleyball, meeting Jenny Thompson, watching the finals at the Aquatic Center and more to come tomorrow! Cheers!


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