Flying United

We had a overnight flight (6pm departure from Dulles, 6:30am arrival in Heathrow) and I have to admit, United hooked us up! The flight went smoothly, but we didn’t sleep as much as expected…. maybe because they served us a three-course meal, unlimited drinks and had a selection of over 250 movies to watch! Clearly I am easily distracted.


Kendra and Papa walking to the jet to Dulles.


We got a three-course dinner. THREE! This was the Baked Chicked Osso Buco with broccolini, mushroom ragu and polenta.


Kendra and the beginning of her collection of puppy photos.


Mom and dad sleeping… while I was watching 21 Jump Street *channing*, drinking wine and eating ice cream sundaes…


Unlimited wine. I was in HEAVEN! And got carded. The drinking age is 18….


Such a normal family!


Old school boarding passes!


At the United Club this came on. I almost died with excitement!


The back of my dad’s passport. HOLY STICKERS.


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